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Gather your thoughts and ideas for the perfect vacation, business trip, or exotic adventure. Consider your destination, dates, and desires.


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Select a pay-per-day plan or a custom travel plan on the Journey Connected home page. You are then directed to set up your personal user account.


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Set up a username and password and complete your online travel profile including your personal travel details and payment options.


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with Journey Connected travel planning services, you get to decide the level of service. Share in your booking process, or let us do it all!


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A personal travel artist is assigned to you, and work begins on a custom travel itinerary based on your travel request and choices.


get to know your travel artist

Our travel artist gets to know you, hears your ideas, discusses your dreams, and learns how to personalize your travel experience!


approve your custom travel itinerary

The traveler will review and approve the itinerary, asking questions and making changes as needed; travel artists are available before, during and after your journey to help.


off you go!

You are on your way to a perfect, well-planned travel destination. We’re there for you along the way should anything come up!

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did you know?

Over half of the travelers that booked their vacation package using a travel
agency agreed their experiences were better than if they had booked their
own hotels, air travel, and cars.

Digital travel sales have increased to over $220 billion in the United States alone.
International travel agencies report even higher numbers.

Luxury travel agencies work with every budget and are known to save customers an
average of $500 to $1,000 per trip given their access to promotions,
deals, and partner travel sites.

71% of travelers admitted a travel expert helped them avoid travel
destination mistakes, especially for international travel.

60% of millennials are inclined to hire a travel expert to assist
in vacation planning and findingbudget travel,
hotels, flights, and vacation deals.

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